For more than two decades, we have defined and refined middle market lending, delivering solutions for middle market companies and private equity sponsors. We pioneered the one-stop, or unitranche (“GOLD”) loan, and we continue to develop new structures to support our lending partners. Our expertise and our disciplined processes enable us to respond with speed, consistency and reliability, inspiring repeat clients again and again. 

Today, Golub Capital has over $18 billion of capital under management, with lending offices in Chicago, New York and San Francisco, and a focus on three business lines:

  • Middle Market Lending: Offering senior, one-stop and second lien loans to US middle market companies
  • Late Stage Lending: Providing flexible debt for fast-growing tech companies to expand without significant equity dilution
  • Broadly Syndicated Loans: Curating a portfolio of liquid senior secured loans to larger enterprises


Golub Capital uses a “bottom-up,” granular and analytic approach to credit. We seek to be nimble decision makers but strive to preserve capital by maintaining disciplined controls and processes. We prefer to present unique solutions tailored to address the circumstances at hand.

Gold Standard Process:

  • World-class middle and back office
  • Market leading policies, procedures and systems
  • Transparency
  • $10 million+ invested in technology systems
  • Customized loan management systems
  • Proprietary portfolio monitoring
  • Workflow automation
  • Detailed reporting

Our scalable systems allow us to manage the portfolio, examine analytics in real time and enhance decision-making throughout the transaction process. We strive to minimize operational uncertainty.


The Golub Capital leadership team works collaboratively to provide thoughtful, timely and reliable solutions for our partners.

l_golub_c View

Lawrence E. Golub

Chief Executive Officer
d_golub_c View

David B. Golub

steuermana_c View

Andrew H. Steuerman

Head of Middle Market Lending and Head of Late Stage Lending
c_jamieson_c View

Christina D. Jamieson

Head of Broadly Syndicated Loans
cashmang_c View

Gregory W. Cashman

Senior Managing Director
g_robbins_c View

Gregory A. Robbins

Managing Director, Head of Corporate Strategy and Development
a_grad_c View

Alissa Grad

Managing Director, Co-Head of Business Development
m_joyeux_c View

Michele D. Joyeux

Co-Head of Business Development
k_halliday_c View

Karen Halliday

Managing Director
j_levinson_c View

Joshua M. Levinson

Co-General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer
f_straub_c View

Frank P. Straub

Chief Financial Officer and Chief Administrative Officer

Investor Relations

Please call 212.750.3751 or use the form below to contact our Investor Relations department.



Golub Capital has been recognized with dozens of national and international awards including:

USA Lender of the Year

Global M&A Network

Consumer Staples Deal of the Year (over $500MM)

M&A Advisor U.S. Middle Market Financing Awards

Pharma & Medical Devices of the Year, Americas

Global M&A Network

Best Business Development Company of the Year

Private Debt Investor Awards

Lender of the Year

Global M&A Network

40 Under 40
Spyro Alexopoulos

M&A Advisor Recognition Awards

Best Business Development Company*


*based upon annualized two-year return

Senior Lender of the Year – Americas

Private Debt Investor Awards

Lender of the Year – Americas

Private Debt Investor Awards

Senior Lender
Firm of the Year

ACG NY Champion’s Awards

40 under 40
Robert Tuchscherer

M&A Advisor Recognition Awards

40 under 40
Mike Loehrke

M&A Advisor Recognition Awards

Debt Financing
Agent of the Year

M&A Advisor U.S. Middle Market Financing Awards

M&A Lender of the Year

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mezzanine Financing
Agent of the Year

M&A Advisor U.S. Middle Market Financing Awards

Middle Market
Lender of the Year


Financing Firm of the Year

M&A Advisor U.S. Middle Market Financing Awards