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Bigger Picture

Responsibility in Action

Our core cultural value is to treat others the way we want to be treated.

We strive to make a positive impact on our stakeholders: investors, private equity sponsors, borrowers, employees and our community.

Responsible Investing

We believe that careful analysis of material risks related to environmental, social and governance factors helps us make better credit decisions.1

Corporate Responsibility

We believe in nurturing a diverse and inclusive culture, and in supporting our team with training and development that accelerates their growth.

Impact Philanthropy

We amplify the effectiveness of high impact nonprofit organizations through the Golub Capital Social Impact Accelerator program.

Golub Capital Social Impact Accelerator

Social Impact Labs

The Golub Capital Social Impact Labs engage the next generation of business leaders and academics from leading business schools to accelerate progress across the nonprofit ecosystem.

Each Golub Capital Lab focuses on a different way to improve nonprofit effectiveness, particularly in underserved communities.

The Golub Capital Lab at Stanford GSB uses digital technology and social science research to improve the effectiveness of leading social sector organizations.

The Golub Capital Lab at Booth features a nonprofit leadership program called IGNITE, created in partnership with the Chicago Urban League. IGNITE is focused on helping nonprofit leaders serving the Black community to accelerate their impact and the impact of the organizations they lead.

The Golub Capital Lab at Kellogg develops and trains students and alumni to become more effective board members via the Golub Capital Board Fellows Program.

Corporate Sponsorships

We support organizations with innovative, high-impact approaches to solving social sector challenges.

Civic Engagement

We support our employees in giving back to their communities through volunteer and matching grant programs.


A culture of responsibility is what makes ESG more than just letters. We hold ourselves to high standards as part of our commitment to our investors, sponsors, borrowers and colleagues.

Timothy Kleiman
Managing Director, Co-Chair of the Golub Capital Pride+ Business Resource Group

Golub Capital values teamwork and engaging with a diversity of perspectives to solve problems and overcome challenges.

Ravdeep Anand
Managing Director, Co-Head of the Solutions Group and Senior Advisor to the Golub Capital Mosaic Business Resource Group

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion doesn’t just mean treating each other with respect and dignity; it means supporting each other to achieve shared success.

Tia Malhotra
Managing Director, Direct Lending and Co-Chair of the Golub Capital Mosaic Business Resource Group

At Golub Capital, we succeed when our partners succeed. Our culture of responsibility stems from our relentless focus on the long-term success of our partners and communities.

David Golub
Website disclosures are required for certain products under the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation and these can be found here: https://golubcapital.com/about/responsibility/article-8-disclosures/
  1. There is no guarantee that our Responsible Investing analysis will be effective at improving our credit decisions. Investments carry the risk of loss.