Golub Capital Knows Sponsor Finance.
We Deliver Market-Leading Scale, Capabilities and Execution.

Golub Capital has defined and refined direct lending, providing reliable, creative and compelling financing solutions to companies backed by private equity sponsors.

We pioneered the one-stop, or unitranche (“GOLD”) loan, and we continue to develop new structures to support our lending partners. Our expertise and our disciplined processes enable us to respond with speed, consistency and reliability, inspiring repeat clients again and again.


As of October 1, 2022, Golub Capital had over $55 billion of capital under management, a gross measure of invested capital including leverage. The firm has lending offices in Chicago, New York, San Francisco and London.

Our business lines include:

  • Sponsor Finance: Offering senior, one-stop and second lien loans to companies backed by private equity sponsors
  • Golub Growth: Providing flexible debt and equity capital to venture-backed, growth-stage B2B SaaS companies
  • Broadly Syndicated Loans: Investing in liquid senior secured loans to larger enterprises
  • European Lending: Offering a comprehensive suite of debt solutions to sponsor-backed European companies and the ability to lead multicurrency, cross-border transactions


Golub Capital uses a “bottom-up,” granular and analytic approach to credit. We seek to be nimble decision makers but strive to preserve capital by maintaining disciplined controls and processes. We prefer to present unique solutions tailored to address the circumstances at hand.


  • World-class middle and back office
  • Market leading policies, procedures and systems
  • Transparency
  • $100+ million invested internally in technology systems1
  • Customized loan management systems
  • Proprietary portfolio monitoring
  • Workflow automation
  • Detailed reporting

Our scalable systems allow us to manage the portfolio, examine analytics in real time and enhance decision-making throughout the transaction process. We strive to minimize operational uncertainty.

1. Represents total invested in internal systems and technology since 2010.


    Includes dedicated personnel focused on origination, underwriting and capital markets



    Includes senior portfolio managers and dedicated industry analysts



    Includes dedicated personnel focused on business development, investor relations and strategic initiatives


    Includes Chief Financial Officer and dedicated personnel focused on fund & client financial reporting, human resources & administration, operations, treasury, technology solutions and tax


    Includes Co-General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer and dedicated personnel focused on legal & compliance and strategic finance & accounting


The Golub Capital leadership team works collaboratively to provide thoughtful, timely and reliable solutions for our partners.

Lawrence E. Golub

Chief Executive Officer

Alissa Grad

Vice Chair and Chief Client Officer

Andrew H. Steuerman

Vice Chair of Direct Lending and Golub Growth

Gregory W. Cashman

Head of Direct Lending

Craig Benton

Senior Managing Director, Head of the Investor Partners Group

Spyro G. Alexopoulos

Senior Managing Director, Head of Originations

Scott Morrison

Managing Director, Head of Broadly Syndicated Loans

Michele D. Joyeux

Managing Director, Head of Business Development

Frank P. Straub

Chief Financial Officer and Chief Administrative Officer

Pierre-Olivier Lamoureux

Chief Financial Officer, GC Advisors LLC

Joshua M. Levinson

Co-General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer

Susan M. Czarnecki

Chief Information Officer

Timothy G. Kleiman

Managing Director, Head of ESG

Jonathan D. Simmons

Managing Director, Head of Corporate Development


Golub Capital has been recognized with dozens of national and international awards including:

Middle Market CLO Manager of the Year
(2021, 2022)

GlobalCapital US Securitization Awards

Lender of the Year, Americas
(2015, 2016, 2018, 2021)

Private Debt Investor Awards¹

CLO Manager of the Year, Americas
(2016, 2018, 2019, 2021)

Private Debt Investor Awards¹

Best Middle Market CLO Manager (2021)


Best Middle Market CLO (2017, 2018, 2021)


Best Debt Manager — Fund Size Above $1.5BN (2021)

Private Equity Wire

Middle Market CLO Deal of the Year
(2020, 2021)

GlobalCapital US Securitization Awards

Securitization of the Year, Americas

The Banker

Senior Lender of the Year, Americas
(’15, ’16, ’17, ’19, ’20)

Private Debt Investor Awards¹

Best Performance,
Private Debt – Mid Cap

The Korea Economic Daily5

Best New Middle Market CLO (2020)


Lender Firm of the Year
(2017, 2018)

The M&A Advisor³

Business Development Company of the Year (2015, 2016, 2017)

Private Debt Investor Awards ¹

Lender of the Year

Mergers & Acquisitions²

2016 Consumer Staples Deal of the Year (over $500MM)

M&A Advisor U.S. Middle Market Financing Awards1
  1. Based on the number of votes cast on Private Debt Investor’s website. Peer group consisted of firms that applied or were nominated.
  2. Based on deal volume and influence in the industry as determined by Mergers & Acquisitions editorial team.
  3. Based on an independent judging committee of 29 top M&A industry experts. Over 230 nominees, representing over 600 companies, became finalists for the awards. Golub Capital paid a nominal fee to be considered for these awards.
  4. Based on the average ranking of each CLO relative to its peers by five different performance metrics, in order to reward the managers who have achieved the greatest performance for all classes of investors: change in junior overcollateralization; weighted average rating factor, average collateral value, weighted average spread, cash-on-cash return to equity; and equity volatility. Peer group consists of CLOs that invested in mid-market collateral that are within their reinvestment period and listed on CLO-I (Creditflux’s database).
  5. Based on a 2020 survey by The Korea Economic Daily Global Edition to determine Korean LPs’ preferred global asset managers across five asset classes.

Note: The awards shown above may not be representative of any one client’s experience. Past performance is not an indicator of future results.